Storyboard ERP


A Desire - Every entrepreneur desire to implement an enterprise-wide information system that facilities the informational flow, coordinates all resources and activities in their organization. The best way to achieve it is implementing an enterprise wide ERP.

The Expectation - A well-constructed and implemented ERP solution should reduce costs, streamline operations, increase productivity, improve operating margins, enhance their competitive position and provide real time visibility to expand their business.

The Challenges - For many years smaller organizations thought they were too small to reap the benefits of ERP given the magnitude of the required investment. Now with the boom of cloud, the cost of implementing ERP has drastically come down and opens up the opportunity to implement an ERP for any MSME. Still, educating the end users to use ERPs in any organization is a most challenging task for management. Often end users feels nightmare to use ERP due to complexity in using, lack of understanding on how to use it.

Our Solution - Storyboard ERP conceptualized & designed by Vcidex specifically to cater for SME sector. Storyboard ERP connects the entire spectrum of functionalities of manufacturing, trading or service sector organization. Storyboard ERP Empower your people to work together more effectively and more intelligently with its intuitive screen design that makes them feel comfortable and pleasure to work on it. Storyboard ERP help to boost your organization’s productivity and provide fast accurate solutions for their day to day operations.


As per the RBI of India compliance tracking system is mandatory for all banking and non banking financial sectors who provides agricultural loans , vehicle and business loans.

Our system is highly appreciated and it helps their organisation or banks it also increases their employee productivity.


A Document management system (DMS) is a system used to receive, track, manage and store documents and reduce paper.

Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users. In the case of the management of digital documents such systems are based on computer programs.

Reduce your active physical document storage space

Avoid missing documents with controlled document managed system. Increase your security with access based data control


Integrated Scanning

Integrated Scanning, Imaging, OCR, ICR & OMR.

Create Multiple Index

User can create multiple index for one document​

Multiple Pages

Multiple Pages for one Document with Thumb Nail view picture.​

Document Confidential

User based control for making a document confidential in nature 

Browser Based

Browser based Search & Retrieval screen​

User friendly

User friendly viewing & accessing document​

Support All File Types

Supports all major file-types​.

Audit Trail

Audit Trail for regulatory compliance​.

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