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In current downturn, traditionally managed organisations are in a dire position to redefine the way they do business to keep ahead of competitors. Many organisations often end up running their business with people dependency rather than process dependency. This results in inability for management to force changes during such critical stage.

Vcidex Enterprise Management System can be an effective tool for organisation to automate their operations and thereby helps the management to gain visibility and control over the process which can open up the opportunity to save cost in many ways.

Vcidex Enterprise Management System is an ON premise, easy to implement, flexible, user friendly enterprise automation system. With Vcidex Enterprise Management System, you can automate and streamline all stages of operations starting from HR, Payroll, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounts, Production, Assets, day-to-day management and all other activities.

With Rapid implementation and user friendly support by Vcidex, Organisation can realise higher levels of user adoption, low total cost of ownership and a better positive return on investment.

BULLET Vcidex Enterprise Management System helps organisation to streamline their operations to make it process oriented organisation
BULLET Vcidex Purchase Management System helps organisation to stop maverick buying, capture maximum value from Supplier and implement best practice purchasing process.
BULLET Split Purchase requisitions by line items and order to different Vendors - Results in getting right product with a right price and good quality of service
BULLET Product Consumption Report that helps to analyse purchasing trends and evaluate suppliers to identify volume purchasing opportunities and gain leverage in negotiations
BULLET Vendor Evaluation Report helps to anlayse Vendor Performance on Delivery Commitment, Delivery Capacity and QC Rejection Rate helps organisation to reduce time to consumption and lower inventory level .
BULLET Paperless transactions which result in cost saving, shorter cycle time and eliminate human mistakes
BULLET With Automated Purchasing process, Organisation can able to demonstrate compliance with external regulations
BULLET With integrated inventory system, Immediate inventory availability to requestor and purchase manager will help to avoid excess ordering
Enterprise Management System has the following modules:
BULLET Purchase Management System
BULLET Sales Management System
BULLET Inventory Management System
BULLET Accounts Management System
BULLET Asset Management System
BULLET HR Management System
BULLET Petty Cash Management System
BULLET Office Management System
BULLET Production Management System
BULLET Customer Relationship Management System
All the above modules can work in decoupled manner or in an integrated manner.
Purchase Management System has the following features:
BULLET Vendor Management System
BULLET Purchase Requisition Module
BULLET Enquiry Module
BULLET Quotation Module
BULLET Purchase Order Module
BULLET Payment Module
Sales Management System has the following features:
BULLET Customer Management System
BULLET Quotation Module
BULLET Sales Order Module
BULLET Execute Order Module
BULLET Delivery Module
Inventory Management System has the following features:
BULLET Product Management
BULLET Stock Opening Balance Management
BULLET Product Management
BULLET Stock Opening Balance Management
BULLET Stock In System
BULLET Data feed from Purchase Management System
BULLET Stock Out System
BULLET Data feed from Sales & Production Management System
BULLET Stock Adjustment
BULLET Stock Conversion
BULLET Breakage/Damage Product Management
BULLET Stock Transfer
Accounts Management System has the following features:
BULLET Multi-Level Account Group module
BULLET Chart of Accounts
BULLET General Ledger Posting
BULLET Trial Balance / P & L / Balance Sheet Report
Asset Management System has the following features:
BULLET Asset Grouping Master
BULLET Asset Master
BULLET Location Master
BULLET Asset Tagging Module
BULLET Asset Warranty Tracker
BULLET Asset AMC Tracker
BULLET Asset AMC Renewal Tracker
BULLET Sale of Asset
BULLET Damage/write off asset
HR Management System has the following features:
BULLET Organizational Hierarchy Management
BULLET Recruitment Process
BULLET Leave & Attendance System
BULLET Payroll System
Petty Cash Management System has the following features:
BULLET Tracking of each expenses based on expense group
BULLET Branch wise, department wise and staff wise expense tracking
BULLET Ledger based tracking on Staff Advance Payments & Expense Claims
BULLET Posting to Accounts module
Office Management System has the following features:
BULLET Internal Communication system
BULLET Knowledge Base Management System
BULLET Employee Training Process
BULLET Task Assignment Activity Process
BULLET User Activity log Process
Production Management System has the following features
BULLET Bill of Material
BULLET Production Planning
BULLET Production Scheduling
BULLET Production Process
BULLET Product Grading
BULLET Production Report
Customer Relationship Management system has the following features:
BULLET Lead / Potential Tracking System
BULLET Lead / Potential Follow up
BULLET Marketing Task Management System
BULLET Post Sales Customer Relationship Module
BULLET Case Management
BULLET Communication History Tracker
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