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About us  

We are a professional web design and development company in Chennai - India offering an array of customised website design, web page design and e-commerce web sites.

Vcidex offer the following IT Consulting Services:
BULLET Product Development Maintenance
BULLET Web Based Product
BULLET Windows Product
BULLET Linux / Unix Products
BULLET Portal Development Services
BULLET Customer Application Development
BULLET Development done at customer place as a team
BULLET Development done at InHouse and deploy the project at customer place
BULLET Work Flow Based Applications
BULLET SMS based applications
BULLET Database Optimisation Fine Tuning Consultation
BULLET Data Migration Services
BULLET Hardware/Network Architecture Consultation
BULLET Software Licensing Consultation
BULLET IT Security/Malware Removal/Virus Removal/Spam Control consultation
BULLET Mail Customization

Vcidex has over 10 years of expertise in System Architecture, System Analysis, System Design, Development, Testing and Support of Custom Software Applications.

We always push ahead ourselves to go for state of the art technology to develop custom software applications that meet our customer business needs.

Developing any project revolves around What to do How to do. Though this will help us to deliver our commitment, We would go for extra mile to have another factor on “Why to do!!! ". This we follow as a principle to provide value service that will result in Positive Return on Investment for our customer rather than just getting things done as per customer expectation.

Our customers appreciate our approach, our strategy, our team and our strength which results in realizing their expectation. When our customer wins, we benefit by becoming a technical arm for them rather than service providers.

We consider the following as our credentials and capabilities in executing the services:

BULLET Wealthy experience of key personnel across various domains, technologies, Customer base, topography and project execution models.
BULLET Continual skill upgrade of our employees in the new technologies and solutions.
BULLET Our emphasis on processes that take a project through successful execution.
BULLET We are proud to have a team of lateral thinkers in our core team who are best in their business to get it done.
BULLET Above all, our desire and passion in giving solutions that fulfils our customer expectation.
BULLET We keep a stringent Quality Policy and follow best practices that go beyond Industry Standard. More than that, we want to be a leader and create a defacto standard the way to develop projects.
BULLET Our technology expertise, coupled with sound software engineering processes, ensures quality and results within our targeted time and make sure that we budget parameters.


Our pricing will be based on Man-Day basis. We estimate the time and effort required for each type of functionalities and people to be involved in delivering the project and arrive the price. Once the project scope and price are finalized, we will take the project on deliverable basis and hence there won't be any much deviation on customer budget while executing the project.

To engage our service for your offsite development, please contact VCIDEX TODAY.

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