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In current downturn, organisation often finds difficult to expand their revenue. The alternate way to increase their revenue is by reducing cost. Saving cost is equals to revenue generated. Purchase of goods and services costs almost 40 - 60% of the average company's revenue (Ref: Aberdeen Research). In manual purchase process, it is often difficult for organisations to identify the gaps and opportunities to save cost.

Vcidex Purchase Management System can be an effective tool for organisation to automate their purchasing process and thereby helps the management to gain visibility and control over the purchasing process which can open up the opportunity to save cost in many ways.

Vcidex PMS is an ON premise, easy to implement, flexible, user friendly purchase automation system. With Vcidex PMS, you can automate and streamline all stages of purchasing process starting from user requisition and up to payment process.

Vcidex PMS can help you to streamline your end user requirements, control spending with approval mechanism, reduce paperwork with workflow based system, lower prices by aggressive vendor negotiation, lower inventory by increasing turnaround time and comply with Government and Audit regulations.

With Rapid implementation and user friendly support by Vcidex, Organisation can realise higher levels of user adoption, low total cost of ownership and a better positive return on your investment.

BULLET Vcidex Purchase Management System helps organisation to stop maverick buying, capture maximum value from Supplier and implement best practice purchasing process.
BULLET Split Purchase requisitions by line items and order to different Vendors - Results in getting right product with a right price and good quality of service
BULLET Product Consumption Report that helps to analyse purchasing trends and evaluate suppliers to identify volume purchasing opportunities and gain leverage in negotiations
BULLET Vendor Evaluation Report helps to anlayse Vendor Performance on Delivery Commitment, Delivery Capacity and QC Rejection Rate helps organisation to reduce time to consumption and lower inventory level
BULLET Paperless transactions which result in cost saving, shorter cycle time and eliminate human mistakes
BULLET With Automated Purchasing process, Organisation can able to demonstrate compliance with external regulations
BULLET With integrated inventory system, Immediate inventory availability to requestor and purchase manager will help to avoid excess ordering
BULLET Work flow system that connects all the departments pertaining to purchasing using this system.
BULLET Fully automate the requisition-to-GRN process - Complete workflow system that provides instant information of order status.
BULLET Create purchase requisitions and route them for approval as a work flow system.
BULLET Vcidex PMS offers a highly flexible system to organisation as follows:
BULLET Consolidate multiple requisition from different users into one Purchase Order
BULLET Create multiple Purchase order for different vendors from a single Purchase Requisition
BULLET Create multiple enquiry to different vendors from a single Purchase Requisition
BULLET Create one enquiry to different vendors from multiple Purchase Requisitions
BULLET Generate Purchase Order from previous Quotations received from vendor for frequent Purchase Requisitions
BULLET Accept multiple Goods Receipt for one Purchase Order
BULLET Accept one Goods Receipt for many Purchase Order
BULLET Can make part payments to vendor and track pending invoices
BULLET 4 Way Match between Purchase Requisition - Purchase Order - GRN - Invoice
BULLET Organisation can generate VAT Report, Excise Duty Report from the system which enables them to comply with Government Regularities much faster and cleaner way
BULLET Possible to extent to our MyEprocurement system where the buyer interacts with seller to exchange purchasing status instantly (


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