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CRM solution helps businesses to manage relationships with customers and helps businesses to grow. It provides a centralised location for businesses to log customer interactions and helps to improve sales requirements. An essential CRM system for a business wishes to,

  •   Enhance experience for customers
  •   Identify prospects for sales pipeline
  •   Real time insights of performance
  •   Make better decision
  •   Hasten revenue growth

Storyboard ERP Lite integrates major sections of Employee onboarding to exit management, Payrun, Products, Purchase Order, Vendors, Procurement process, Enquiry, Quotation, Invoice, Journal entry,Tax Management.

HR and Payroll Management System

    HR and Payroll System is a unified platform to automate complete HR process which specializes in implementing Employee Management,Recruitment Process,Timesheet Management,Shift Management,Leave Management,Attendance Management, Biometric Management,PF and ESI Management, Salary Management,Payroll Management,Asset Custodian.

HRMS Features

  •   Streamline HR operations with positive work environment .
  •   Employee Management in one centralised location
  •   Standardisation of Leave and Attendance Policy
  •   Employee self service portal
  •   Automated payrun based on real time attendance

Purchase Features

  •    Manage products with large number of parameters and attributes
  •   Multiple purchase order from a single purchase requisition
  •   Multiple enquiry from a single purchase requisition
  •   High visibility of end to end procurement activities
  •  Interface with purchase software for stock in details
  •   Accurate book-keeping of inventory
  •   Three-way matching for payment processs

Purchase and Inventory Management

    Purchase and Inventory Management streamlines the complete procurement process which enables positive return on investment. This enables real time insights by the way of tracking the entire procurement activities that match your company needs.

Sales Management

    Sales Management builds relationship with the customer to manage the leads,lead contacts,enquiries,sales orders etc.It provides the best experience with the customer in market which reflects positive return. Our automated ERP sales has features like Product Management, Customer Management,Sales Order,Customer Enquiry and Quotation.

Sales Features

  •    Integrated customer information to the entire workflow
  •    Fulfills the end to end customer satisfaction for the raised order
  •    Raising multiple enquiries for the customer to increase efficiency
  •    Fulfills the end to end customer satisfaction for the raised order
  •   Get sales analytics report which helps for performance analysis
  •  Quotation format in PDF to Sales order / Proforma Invoices end customer

Finance Features

  •   Chart of accounts with flexible account grouping.
  •    Income and expenditure statement
  •    Cash flow statements: Outgoing, Incoming
  •    Bank book and Cash book Management
  •    Journal entries and journal adjustments
  •   Snapshots trial balance, P & L and balance sheet generation


    Focusing on Accounting, budgeting, predicting income and creating profit and loss statement are an important part of any business.A strong financial analytics will lead the business to stable in revenue part.

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